In 1987, Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, both opticians with their own store, had had enough of the mainstream glasses that they were selling and decided to launch a collection themselves under the name THEO. They set out with the motto: ‘do not just see better – have better eyes as well’. For them glasses are not merely an optical aid, they are also a fully-fledged accessory.

What began as a memo on an order form…
has developed into the slogan for the most self-willed Belgian brand of spectacles:
Today, 17 years later, Theo is sold in 1500 stores distributed across 50 countries

Theo for Whom?

The Theo wearer is an individualist and a trend-setter. He or she has a positive view of society, appreciates subtle humour and is quietly confident. He or she does not want to have anything to do with logos and dislikes cheap flashiness. The Theo wearer wants QUALITY, ORIGINALITY and EXCLUSIVITY and knows that these come at a price.

THEO’s philosophy

Theo has never deviated from its intention to produce innovative design with new techniques

Each year Theo launches ten innovative ideas that lead to 50 new models

Theo offers eyewear that is ‘in’ the wearer’s face, and not ‘in front of’ it

Theo has been able to show steady growth for 17 years

If a certain style is ‘necessary’, it is made. A style must be ‘strong’

Theo is never satisfied with quality and is constantly striving for improvement