“Spec Espace” defines space, structure of the universe, and performance.The form of the frame creates a certain space, which naturally embraces the face, bringing another expression to the visage.The impression of the profile is an innovative look.

“Spec Espace” is also particular about the genuine product to be made in Japan.

In Kawada, located in eastern Sabae-shi. Fukui prefecture, there is a family-owned factory district where frames are fabricated.The products completed by skillful craftmen have exclusive techniques in which it creates an outstanding quality.The masterful artistry of these craftmen has always supported “spec Espace”. When imagining an infinite space, people fantasize and seek their dream.The concepts of “spec ēspace” are “Spacious form” “Mode” “Village Factories” “Craftman” and “Tradition”. By uniting these concepts, the eyewear creates an infinite space like a universal diffusion made into form.