Götti eyeglasses are designed in Switzerland and produced by leading manufacturers in Germany, Austria and Japan.

Götti makes use of the best of both worlds: Craftsmanship and high-tech. There are great advantages to titanium as a material for eyeglass frames: The material is hypoallergenic and super-light. However, the material is also challenging when it comes to production. Titanium is very soft and must be reinforced to meet the high demands of a pair of Götti glasses. The filigree Götti titanium frames must therefore undergo a very complex process during production, during which each pair of Götti frames is pressed using seven custom-built pressing tools that apply 200-300 tons of weight.

In the next step, the raw titanium frames are coated multiple times and finally given a subtle coloring. The color is sealed on each Götti titanium frame using a special ceramic coating, which lends the frames their typical Götti color character. It also makes the eyeglass especially resistant to environmental influences.