Frency & Mercury takes its inspiration from the west coast style.

Handmade in Japan with the promise of eternal passion for excellence and craftsmanship. Every Frency & Mercury piece is the accumulation of the finest Japanese craftsmanship, which can only be found in Fukui, Japan.

Having “Bold and Fearless” as their virtue and a relentless attention for detail, every craftsman is proud of every meticulous creation, in pursuit of beauty and functionality.

Their acetate finishes that bring out the brilliant colors and the signature dazzling luster require significantly more time than the average procedure. Their metal creations demand the use of the purest titanium, refined in Japan.

Frency & Mercury is a popular brand among Asian celebrities including Shu Qi, Jay Chou and Show Luo.

The designer behind the brand Eque M. believes that eyewear is not just an accessory, but also a lifestyle. In fact the fundamental concept behind Frency & Mercury is “Let yourself be as graceful as you are…”.

His creations not only give a touch of glamour but also an interior charm to the person wearing them.

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