999.9 (Four Nines) is a brand established in September 1995,

As you may have had experienced, wearing eyeglasses out of size is painful and stressful.
Moreover, Four Nines aims to provide people with eyeglasses frames to be worn comfortably.

999.9 four nines, a Japanese eyewear brand established by members belonging from different eyeglasses companies, who possessed over 10 years’ experience in eyewear industry. Their frames are designed under consideration of Japanese’ facial characteristics and based on the experience of the founders.

The name of the brand, 999.9 (Four Nines) is originated from the quality indication of pure gold.

Identically, Four Nines is constantly seeking a supreme purity in its quality through continuous efforts and attempts, striving for a 1000.Therefore, we Four Nines will continuously progress for a new possibility and will attempt to provide eyeglasses frames at the highest level of quality.

By considering “eyewear as a tool”, 999.9 believes the design of a frame is the outcome of the utmost pursuit of functionality.

Made of pure titanium.

Each eyewear possesses three characteristics including comfort, durability and ease to be adjusted.

However, 999.9 (Four Nines’) idea toward function and design is to consider “eyeglasses as a tool” .Since we consider eyeglasses as an item to correct one’s eyesight, and that the pursuit of its function arrives to its specific admirable shape, we consider “design” to be the outcome of the utmost pursue of “function”
We Four Nines consider eyeglasses as a result of compatibility of both function and design.

Therefore, 999.9 (Four Nines) intends to provide people with eyeglasses which could reduce stress of wearing eyeglasses and to get them worn with comfort.

To make this in shape, we design eyeglasses to be worn by wrapping them around one’s head, at the aim to provide “eyeglasses, pleasant to wear”.

As you could see, there are specific reasons behind our unique mounting shape of our eyeglasses frames, as well to its original shape of its temple end tips.

Similarly, as so as the difference in one’s characteristics on their faces, there are differences in one’s characteristics on their noses.
In order to correspond to these differences, Four Nines’ nose pads are distinctive as well.

Our nose pads are designed to touch our nose with large surface area, to allow dispersion of force when worn.
Moreover, not only limited to one diversed design, we provide varieties of nose pads in shape and materials.
We even provide nose pads made by silicon in consideration of users with allergies.

To be strong from destruction and corrosion. These are the two points we 999.9 (Four Nines) eyeglasses frame give value to.
We would not satisfy with only the accomplishment to give our creation with its pleasant comfortability when worn.

Eyeglasses are something which are worn everyday, for a long period of time.
Therefore, the endurance against destruction and corrosion are functions which are necessary for everyday use.

In another word, the reason why we Four Nines come up with distinctive item parts and shapes, and the reason why we pour attention to specific elastic materials are not only to provide comfortable eyeglasses but to provide eyeglasses strong from deformation; having endurance against destruction and corrosion.

To add on, the titanium material used in many of our Four Nines frames are strong against corrosion. In fact, eyeglasses are built from metal not limiting to metal frames but as so in what we call plastic frames. Due to the structure of eyeglasses, there are always a need of metal, such in its hinge and arm lead.

Even though corrosion are accompaniment to metal materials, Four Nines face it with consideration of materials and surface treatment.